Oct 4, 2010


purple sweatpants. the heater is ticking. the ballard (go trumpets) socks are pulled up tight. i dug up an old thrift-store cashmere shrunken sweater out from the depths of my closet. flipped it inside-out, outside-in, a couple times to make sure there were no giant spideys hanging out in there.

two buck chuck. red lips merlot.

oh, the stray... facebook has become boring. i click it frantically. hopefully. i go to it first thing when i sit at my desk. boring barfola.

i feel i've lost the touch for painting, and this concerns me.
oh golly. princeton is looking at me with the "i gotta pee" expression.

Sep 28, 2010

the dog discovered the flavor of the inside of my mouth, and he wants more. ew.

my head hurts.
i'm feeling a little blue.
who's the boss is on the tv.

Jun 10, 2010

Jun 7, 2010


he wanted none of it, and he growled at the pet supplies cashier.

his favorites clockwise from top: edible chicken flavored n-bone, bully-ring (bull penis), and deer antler (naturally shed).

what a brat! happy 1 year.


boys. coolest boys ever.
fairhaven in bellingham, fish 'n chips and a rootbeer icecream cone to share.

hiking around whatcom falls in the rain, at oh, 1700 hours. salmon berries!

and then soggy scooting down to mom and brad's house for roasted chicken, beer & ping pong.

Jun 1, 2010

two heart attacks

best irish beef stew i've made yet.

and andy's "progress" philosophy putting me into a panic.


May 31, 2010

hedgehog mushrooms

my heart is so warm, i sweat.
naughty nellie's, rhubarb pie 'n coffee for breakfast, wool socks, rain, public urination, tasting dandelions (and baby ferns), sedated dog, neckties and ginger carrot soup, city tower swimming and other perfectly inappropriate things.

andy wouldn't exist if it weren't for skipping bridge class.

40. Motion and Use
The motion of the Way is to return;
The use of the Way is to accept;
All things come from the Way,
And the Way comes from nothing.

May 28, 2010

magical things on the rainy morning walk: snails, mushrooms, clover flowers, and the smell of baking pastries.

May 27, 2010

i'll dance to the smiths just like tammy, it's serious.

oh, tenderness / oh, joy!

wine, rearranging, foot cramp, dog grooming, ovulation, wine, scrabble, and missing the snug. the milkman in the polar bear suit. looking forward to: swimming in downtown's canopy, rhubarb(ginger) pie, wednesday crossword, and perhaps some backyard time? chomping gingerloaf? stinky dog doodles?

May 25, 2010

pc draw competition

uh! said the man to the lady

the pixies vs groove salad. thank you for screaming and grunting and
breathing heavy in my ears. for reals.

twilight eclipse


May 24, 2010

smoke bush & cock

lincoln park

honeysuckle at mom's house

back porch and coffee, sunshine nap dogpile in the baywindow, happy birthday momma, edie pie and cupcakes and tea, all wrapped up in the milkman's spiderweb.

44. Contentment
Health or reputation: which is held dearer?
Health or possessions: which has more worth?
Profit or loss: which is more troublesome?

Great love incurs great expense,
And great wealth incurs great fear,
But contentment comes at no cost.
For who knows when to stop
Does not continue into danger,
And so may long endure.

May 21, 2010

happy hours

shelter lounge (pb&j jalapeño poppers), golden city lounge (bobby
mcgee), hattie's hat (live banjo & where's rocco?), golden city lounge
(ping pong & tequila chicano-style).

May 20, 2010

but you don't really care for music, do you?

taco party

"what is it called when a girl walks by and your knees feel like jelly and your stomach scrunches up into a tiny aluminum ball?" - screech

May 19, 2010

i'm learning to survive on earthworms and house flies.

May 18, 2010

can you play doctor amidst playing house?
"fresh sheets and my stego skin!"

peeching's nose whistlin' is cracking me up.
i sure do talk about that andy boy a lot!
i've got other things to talk about.

such as:
yogurt pretzels. and other snacks. eating. and stuff to do when not eating. stealing snail shells from snails.

andy's haiku sums up the night

the French lady heard
a prehistoric caveman
"I'll take the girl", bonk

May 17, 2010

i just napped so hard.
i just found out my car battery is dead.
i just made the milk-maid hair-do.

diving into the murk

"pc is a descendent of the elf people, with his magical sparkle fur and wiener curl."
- handy andy

ah, lovely.

what a way to start the morning: beating andy (by over 100 points!) at scrabble while on a slow-mosey walk with ping chong. i bet he wishes he could post a comment right about now. but, alas!

what's a quod?

quod |kw├Ąd|
noun Brit., informal dated
prison : ten years in quod.
ORIGIN late 17th cent.: of unknown origin.

May 16, 2010

beer pweese.

ping ching had a sneezing fit... to the point of him bonking his head repeatedly on the floor. i had to hold his body as if he was having seizures. must've been a major shnoz tickle.

have: swiss army blanket. floppy moleskin sketchbook.
need: suspenders. clear framed glasses.

"i think people wanna look like pirates."

it's progress / vashon island

salmon berries are real. but andy wouldn't eat one.